100 Archive’s ‘Map Irish Design’ project is now live

Map Irish Design is the significant new research project undertaken by the 100 Archive that helps reveal the impact of design on life, culture, business and society in Ireland over the past decade.

The project examines more than 2300 design projects gathered since 2010 for inclusion in the 100 Archive – an online archive of the best in Irish communication design assembled every year from submissions by hundreds of designers across Ireland and Irish designers overseas.

Map Irish Design plots the journey that Irish communication design has travelled since the foundation of the 100 Archive by examining the submitted projects and the information associated with them to build a picture of design in Ireland: who makes it, where, with whom and why.

The design process shapes a significant amount of the fabricated world and the work of communication designers contributes much of our visual landscape and material culture,” said Aideen McCole who led the project. “From the tiny details on a postage stamp to a campaign seen on banners, billboards and buses across the country, the 100 Archive reflects just how much design affects us every day.”

Map Irish Design was funded by the Creative Ireland Programme through its National Creativity Fund.

Have a look at this intro animation from Studio 9 below, then hit up the site to delve into video interviews, written articles, visual collections and lots more.

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