Winona Ryder embarks on a journey of self discovery via Squarespace

Welcome to Winona

Squarespace returns for its sixth Super Bowl advertisement featuring Winona Ryder as she embarks on a journey of self discovery to her namesake town of Winona, Minnesota, which is also where she’s from.  

In the campaign, Winona captures the essence of her hometown through a photography project that leads to building her first website using Squarespace: Welcome to Winona.

“Winona’s journey is an art project, a personal statement, and a quest for self-realization, but most importantly, it’s a celebration of the people and places that make Winona, Winona,” says David Lee, Chief Creative Officer of Squarespace.

As part of the project, Ryder curated a Welcome to Winona photo book, featuring portraits and landscapes shot by Winona herself. A limited supply of 100 autographed copies are available for purchase on Monday, February 3rd, with proceeds going to the American Indian College Fund.

“I came here to find the true Winona, to become a Winonan. And I did. But what I didn’t realise was how much I’d discover about Winona along the way.”

Winona Ryder
Welcome to Winona (Super Bowl 2020 Extended Commercial)

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