7 Ads with Rabbits in them

#FollowtheRabbit O2 campaign feat. on 7deadlythings

O2 | Follow the Rabbit

Thumping to the sounds of The Chemical Brothers a warren of O2-blue rabbits lure crowds of cool kids to a giant rabbit hole. Is it a portal to another dimension? Maybe more like a MGMT concert but sure look it.

Skittles | Choose Wisely

A pack of Skittles for an opera-yodeling rabbit? Yes please.

Sony Bravia | Play Doh Bunnies

Sony followed up the Balls and Paint Bravia ads with hundreds of rainbow-coloured bunnies hopping around Manhattan morphing into a Godzilla of a rabbit accompanied by the The Rolling Stones 1967 hit She’s A Rainbowand the result is 24-carrot gold.

Ribena | The ZoobyDoo Ad

Would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall when the script was presented to the client: “We open on a sunny countryside. Owls shoot lasers from their eyes while rabbits wearing star-shaped sunglasses and fake moustaches pop up at random…”

Club Orange | Some Bits Are Crucial

Cute animation created by 7 Deadly Things. This ad was one of two 15-second stings we made for a Christmas campaign.

Cadbury’s | Take it Easy

The Jessica Rabbit of rabbits that made us all feel like weirdos for fancying a bunny. Those legs though.

The National Lottery | Money Multiplier

You are pure legend boy. You’re mighty.


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