7 Deadly Places that Mix a Mighty Gin & Tonic

Street 66 ft. on 7deadlythings

Street 66
Parliament Street, Dublin 2 

Served in an earthenware cup that keeps your G&T cooler and fresher for longer, Street 66 do a delicious Monkey 47 gin with raspberries, lime zest and pair it with 1724 – a less bitter tonic with finer bubbles so it doesn’t steal the limelight. There are 47 botanicals that make up the flavour of Monkey 47 (cut to 47% alcohol too) with local herbs, juniper and cranberries produced in Germany’s Black Forest (stomping ground of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales). 

Street 66

The Monkey 47 Gin & 1724 Tonic at Street 66


The Gin Palace
Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Anyone for High Tea? Hendrick’s gin with tonic served with cucumber purée, cracked black pepper, lemon juice and rosé syrup. This is a splendid experience to share with friends, or if you have any royals visiting. If that’s not your cup of tea they also do a tasting tray where you choose three gins from over 200 and they’ll pair it with the perfect garnish and tonic.

The Gin Palace

Hendrick’s Gin High Tea at The Gin Palace


Charlotte Quay
Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2

Close your eyes and imagine you’re sitting on the dock of the water, not a care in the world only whether you’d like your gin mixed with elderflower liquor, cucumber, apple juice and fresh lime, or with something more simple like St.Germaine, basil and lime juice. Now open your eyes, stand up and go straight to Charlotte Quay.



The Baths

Controversial Clontarf Baths haven’t won over the locals yet, who believed an outdoor public pool was part of the €2.4 million refurb. No such luck. But there’s no denying the new nautical bar is very nicey, but pricey. Pretend you’re going out for a run later and go get a cocktail instead. Try the “Top Buzzer” with Plymouth Gin, thyme, citrus, agave, and beetroot saison.



The Hill Pub

That bar with the cool sign as your turning into Ranelagh that you keep meaning to go into – get in there. Fresh off the back of an Easter G&T Fest where you can sample any gin for an affordable price, The Hill know how to mix a good drink and it always feels good to be in Ranelagh.


The Palace Bar
Fleet Street, Dublin 2

Gin and tonic can be enjoyed just as much, if not more, in a more traditional pub like The Palace. They have a big board with a list of gins behind the bar, lots of Irish ones too. Prop yourself on a stool and proceed to make your way down the menu.



A Patch of Grass
Your garden

No not a bar (not a bad name all the same), but drinks are expensive, and the weather is easy, so go purchase whichever premium gin is on special, some tonic, Schweppes is grand but not ideal, Tesco’s Finest or Fentimans is fine. Get some fresh red grapefruit, oranges for the peel, limes, blackberries etc., a few sprigs of fresh tarragon, rosemary or thyme, and mix it up (not all together). Enjoy 🙂



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