7 Deadly Things About Minetta Delicatessen in Sutton

Minetta feat. on 7deadlythings

Deadly Score: 7 out of 7

If you haven’t been to Minetta Deli already it’s your new favorite place you just don’t know it yet. There’s no denying its awesomeness. The scene here is more SoHo than Sutton serving up inventive Italian eats and treats. The staff are super-friendly, their sandwiches are exceptional and those handmade pizzas are among the most delicious in Dublin.

The Crab Sandwich

Minetta Deli ft. on 7deadlythings

This is the sandwich of dreams. Made with Doran’s of Howth fresh crab meat between toasted slices of Tartine sourdough bread with lemon mayo and melted French Gruyère cheese ­– it’s insanely good and you need to go out and get one immediately.

The Sourdough

Tartine Sourdough

Their bread comes fresh from the oven from an organic bakery around the corner called Tartine (voted ‘Best Sourdough in Ireland’ by the Irish Independent). Some days Minetta has a loaf or two leftover and hand them out to customers or you can pre-order your own from them no problem.

The Margherita D.O.C

Minetta Deli

The D.O.C at the end there – that’s certification that the ingredients are the real deal and sourced from the right origin in Italy, the buffalo mozzarella being from the Campania region, meaning you may as well be in Naples with this pinnacle standard of pizza.

The Coffee


Cool cafés are popping up around Dublin as fast as old school friends’ new baby pictures on Facebook, so in this coffee climate you’ve got to stand out. Minetta stocks coffee beans from local roasters Upside Coffee in Fairview and my favourite Nick’s Coffee of Ranelagh.

The Salads


The kitchen turns out really good superfood salads bursting with ever-inspiring flavours like their quinoa, crumbled feta & pomegranate salad. Yum.

The Sweets

Dark chocolate Swirly Squares

Happiness is… a flat white and a ‘Double Chocolate Swirly Square,’ handmade with dark chocolate, white chocolate & peanut butter. It’s no coincidence then that the Sunday cyclists have made Minetta their treat station destination after a lap of Howth Head.

The Whole Shebang

This place rules. Plus they’ve loads more delicious food – head here for a gander. Come with friends on a Friday or Saturday (till 8) to eat, drink wine and be merry when the bill comes as break the bank it will not. Seriously, Minetta will not disappoint, after all #MinettasGonnaSortYouOut 😉

Hand-painted by artist, Jason Moran.jpg


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