7 Deadly New Numbers Nostalgic for the 1980s

Yoko Honda featured on 7deadlythings

Janelle Monáe | Make Me Feel | Released February 2018

’80s icons Prince, Bowie and Robert Palmer.. they’re all here somewhere in the sound, style and video on Janelle Monáe‘s Make Me Feel. It’s a single Prince would be proud of with its Kiss-like guitar groove accompanied by an ambiguously sexual music video. The track appears on her forthcoming album Dirty Computer due out this April, which may just be the makings of Monáe.

NAO | Nostalgia | Released September 2017

Notes of early Janet Jackson from her Control (1986) era and Chaka Chan vibes throughout, East London’s NAO gives us this funky soulful single. NAO describes Nostalgia as “like an ’80s jam” with a “disco French house thing” and says she was inspired by Bobby Brown’s music.

Ruthven | Evil | Released November 2017

Ruthven is a professional firefighter from South London. His debut single Evil showcases classic ’80s synthpop/funk sounds.

Destroyer | Tinseltown Swimming in Blood | Released September 2017

This song is as though New Order and the Cocteau Twins had a lovechild and Lou Reed was the father. This baby borrows New Order guitar tones making it a melancholy yet ever so romantic tune. Listen to more from Canadian rockers Destroyer on their album ken.

Moon King | I’ve Stopped Believing | Released January 2018

Moon King has a habit of taking old rhythms and turning them into his own dream pop remedies. Here he follows up album Hamtramck ’16 with a synth-y, dance-y jam, featuring David Carriere of TOPS on guitar. Is it just me or does that intro harp back to Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel (1987)? Big love to Moon King.

MGMT | Me and Michael | Released February 2018

Me and Michael sounds like it’s fresh off the set of a John Hughes high school romance movie – that part when the two teens kiss underneath a disco ball at senior prom. Thankfully MGMT have finally released a promising album Little Dark Age where they round out that ’80s fixation with just the right amount of psych-pop.

Peggy Gou | Han Jan | Released 26 February 2018

This track is influenced more by early ’90s house and electro but there’s an ’80s-esque vibe to it. The Berlin based Korean artist that is Peggy Gou has tons of tour dates over the coming weeks in Ireland, check her out here she’s deadly.


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