7 Deadly Gigs to get Those Winter Bones Rattling Again

The Field | January 27 | Button Factory

The Field Axel Willner featured on @7deadlythings

Blissing out on the rhythm and repetition of Axel Willner (a.k.a. The Field) is an emotionally charging experience for fans of dreamy ambient craftsmanship. This Berlin-based Swedish electronic music producer and DJ blends unassuming sample sources into lush minimal techno tracks – that’s Kate Bush’s Under the Ice you’re hearing on The Field’s 2006 single Over the Ice. I know, right?

Bicep with Hammer | February 2 + 3 | District 8

Bicep with Hammer ft on 7deadlythings

Just like 7DeadlyThings it began with a blog. This Belfast duo created the music-based blog Feel My Bicep as a creative outlet and medium for releasing their recordings. Since then the blog became a record label and now Bicep have become key players on the current club scene. Italo-disco meets Chicago house meets Detroit techno. Fellow Feel My Bicep-er Hammer will be joining in on the night too.

Maurice Fulton | February 3 | Wigwam 

Maurice Fulton featured on @7deadlythings

Maurice Fulton is one of house music’s true originals, a DJ and producer who never fails to surprise and delight his listeners. Fulton says his roots are in funk, and groove is the common denominator throughout his diverse body of work that encompasses house, garage, techno, jazz, disco, boogie, and hip-hop.

Dimitri From Paris | February 10 | Button Factory

Dimitri From Paris ft. on 7deadlythings

Credited as the first DJ to play house music on French radio, Dimitri From Paris has thrilled dance floors around the globe for decades with his unique blend of boogie, funk and obscure pop Dimitri has lived and breathed disco for his entire career.

Erol Alkan | March 3 + 4 | Wigwam

Erol Alkan featured on @7deadlythings

UK producer, radio host and all-round crowd pleaser Erol Alkan has been educating clubbers with his unique concoction of energetic, trashy disco blended with electro beats, new romantic rhythms and the spirit of 70s punk, 80s rock and 90s house.

Âme | March 18 | Pygmalion 


The Carl Craig-nodding German techno duo Âme that is Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer are two amiable switch-doctors who, they say, modestly join the dots between Detroit techno, Parisian/NYC deep house and London broken beat.

Palms Trax | March 31 | Wigwam

Palms Trax featured on @7deadlythings

Every dance-floor primed house track Jay Donaldson puts out is a cut above the rest in that it all just sounds so fucking refreshing. Known as DJ and producer Palms Trax he spins a modern twist on classic house which has gained him much kudos and a big bunch of admirers. Dance dance dance.


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