7 Deadly Things to get Someone Deadly for Christmas

‘Pretty Mean’ Christmas Cards

Personalised messages without a filter from a ‘Fuck You Cancer’ to a ‘Happy Divorce!’ –searingly sincere wishes for every occasion – check them out here they’re brilliant. Pretty Mean is Dublin based so you won’t wait donkeys for the postman plus each card is hand-lettered making them way better than that crap you buy in Hodges Podges or whatever. Order your “cheese-less Jesus-less” Christmas cards now so you’ve got time to write and send the bloody things. You’re fucking welcome.

‘Tough Love’ Print Series

Inspired by festive movies Edward Scissorhands, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Home Alone 2 – this super cool series of 8″X8″ prints was created alongside the ‘Tough Love Gallery.’ Running with the tough love theme they depict moments from Irish artist, Mick Minogue‘s favourite Christmas movies that would make any tough guy cry.

Daft Punk Christmas Ornament Set

Limited edition Christmas ornaments, inspired by the Daft Punk Discovery era robot helmets, are glass blown from hand sculpted forms and electroplated in gold and silver lacquer. Other festive merch on the Daft Punk website include snow globes and candles.

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Movie Tickets

Stella Theatre featured on 7deadlythings

The newly restored Stella Theatre has a cocktail bar and a midnight screening of Tim Burton’s Christmas classic on Friday the 22nd December. The cinema has been restored to reflect its 1920s Art Deco origin. Service to the seats includes a full bar, a tapas-style food menu and classic cinema-food like nachos, hot dogs, and popcorn. Yes.

Merry… uh… Christmas Jeff Goldblum pin

Jeff GoldblumWhen Jurassic Park had sex with Christmas the result was this bundle of enamel pin featuring a seasonal take on Jeff Goldblum’s classic quote:

Life… uh… finds a way

There’s also a raptor wearing a Santa hat somewhere in here too.

 Christmas Suits at Avoca

These suits are on sale in Avoca for €99.95, no joke. Kinda want one though, no?

The Birds and the Teas

Homemade local seasonal delights from Olive and Pat in County Wicklow. They make chutneys and relishes and jams oh my. They’ve loads of delicious things like ‘Whiskey in the Jar‘ fruit marmalade with Jameson whiskey, ‘Last Mango In Paris‘ mango chutney, ‘Beetle Mania‘ beetroot based chutney, and ‘Here Comes The Sun‘ sun-dried tomato relish. Fill out your Christmas Gift Pack Order Form to make it all much easier. Love these guys.

The Birds and the Teas feat. on 7deadlythings

Merry Christmas ya’ll from 7 Deadly Things!


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