7 Deadly Songs That Made Two Thousand and Seventeen Hella Cool

Four Tet | Two Thousand and Seventeen

Not just because of the single’s title but because this is a beautiful track by Four Tet, aka Kieran Hebden from the album ‘New Energy’. ‘Two Thousand and Seventeen’ uses a prominent dulcimer sound, harking back to the elegiac beauty of the London-based producer’s earlier releases.

The Paul Institute featuring Ruthven | Evil

Jai Paul and his brother A.K. are back via the Paul Institute, a creative space for fostering new British talent. ‘Evil’ features a captivating vocal performance by Ruthven (a firefighter by trade) who did much of his own instrumentation over the ’80s synthpop/funk production style distinctive to the Paul brothers.

Lindstrøm | Tensions

Norwegian-born Oslo-based Hans-Peter Lindstrøm continues making his space-disco sounds while running his Feedelity label. Instant Lindstrøm classic track ‘Tensions’ features on his first solo album in five years titled ‘It’s All Right Between Us As It Is.’

Mount Kimbie featuring Micachu | Marilyn

The second single from U.K. electronica trio Mount Kimbie’s third album ‘Love What Survives’, a lo-fi collaboration with Micachu – otherwise known as film composer Mica Levi who created the score for the Jonathan Glazer film ‘Under the Skin’ and for Pablo Larraín’s biopic ‘Jackie’ for which she received an Oscar nom for Best Original Score.

LCD Soundsystem | tonite

LCD Soundsystem came back from the grave with their highly anticipated comeback album, ‘American Dream.’ Dancefloor banger ‘tonite’ pulses with squelching synths, a steady crescendo, electro-punk beat, and a fun vocal production. The track feels far more LCD than some of the other Bowie-esque cuts on the album, which are great, but ‘tonite’ has the band right back where we fell in love with them… at some point in the past… when we were young… but now we’re getting older… I promise you this you’re getting older… just like James “hobbled veteran” Murphy… and there’s nothing anyone can do about this.

Moon King | In & Out

Moon King is the alias of Canadian native Daniel Benjamin who spent 2016 in Detroit, where the musically fertile and offbeat neighborhood of Hamtramck became both his home and the inspiration for a new set of recordings. With its soft use of dreamy synths listening to ‘In & Out’ brings back Womack & Womack memories – good times.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) | Imaginary Interviews

Despite their near-twenty year existence of making records, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) possess a youthful energy that still shines. Towards the end of their seventh album ‘Shake The Shudder’ lies ‘Imaginary Interviews,’ a Nile Rodgers-indebted track that is one of the simplest and likeable cuts the band have ever produced.

!!! Shake the Shudder

More terrible artwork from !!!’s ‘Shake The Shudder’ album cover, which is almost as bad as the LCD Soundsystem ‘American Dream’ cover artwork. What’s going on at all at all.



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